The Evolution of Mini Cooper Performance: A Letter to Mini Cooper Enthusiasts

The Evolution of Mini Cooper Performance: A Letter to Mini Cooper Enthusiasts

Dear Mini Cooper Enthusiasts,

Reflecting on the remarkable journey we embarked on over three decades ago, it's truly astonishing to see how far we've come. It all started with our pioneering tuning kits for the classic Mini, a venture that would forever change the landscape of performance vehicles. Those early days marked the birth of John Cooper Conversions, unleashing the untapped potential of standard Minis and transforming them into high-performance Cooper models.

Driven by the tremendous success we witnessed in Japan, we expanded our operations to cater to the UK and other markets, garnering accolades along the way. Rover, recognizing the undeniable appeal of our tuning kits, introduced three special 1000cc models—Mini Racing, Mini Flame, and Mini Checkmate—that could be enhanced using our Rover-approved performance tuning kit.    


The popularity of these tuning kits fueled our ambition further, leading us to persuade the then Rover group to revive the iconic Mini Cooper. I still vividly remember that pivotal meeting with Rover and the sheer excitement that permeated the air during the journey home with my father. After a two-decade hiatus since BMC ceased Cooper production in 1970, the Mini Cooper was reborn.

Before long, we set our sights on elevating the standard Coopers to the level of S performance. Our Works kits, renowned as the Cooper S tuning kits, garnered immense popularity, and we undertook numerous conversions, primarily at our revered John Cooper garage premises.

Reflecting on the passage of time, it's remarkable to witness the 90s Mini Cooper evolve into a prized collector's car, with its value soaring each passing day. Notably, the cars that fetch the highest prices are the ones equipped with our esteemed tuning kits. I take great pride in our accomplishments during those formative years, and it brings me immense joy to reintroduce these tuning kits, much like the ones we crafted all those years ago.

If you happen to be a proud owner of a 90s Mini Cooper and yearn to experience the exhilarating spirit of the Cooper S, while simultaneously enhancing the value of your cherished automobile, look no further than our Cooper tuning kits. Designed to cater to all models, from the original 1000cc variants to the twin-point fuel injection models, our kits ensure a seamless blend of performance and heritage.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Your passion for the Mini Cooper fuels our drive to continue pushing boundaries and creating unparalleled experiences. Together, we forge a legacy that honors the remarkable heritage of these iconic vehicles.

All the best,

Mike Cooper