Cooper Tuning:
Unleash the true potential of your Mini Cooper with our range of engine tuning options. Cooper Car Company, in collaboration with Michael Cooper, presents a comprehensive lineup of tuning parts tailored to suit all your needs. From the S Works Induction Pipe to the impressive Vented Brakes with Alloy Calipers, we have the perfect solution for every enthusiast.
Our tuning parts are meticulously designed and developed to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Whether you're seeking improved power, responsiveness, or overall driving experience, our tuning parts deliver remarkable results. Experience the heritage of Cooper Car Company and take your Mini Cooper to new heights with our exceptional tuning options.
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  1. Uprated Mini Brake Kit 8.4"
    As low as £516.44 £430.37
  2. Uprated Mini Vented Brake Kit 7.9"
    As low as £596.90 £497.42
  3. Uprated Mini Brake Conversion 8.4"
    As low as £639.60 £533.00
  4. Uprated Mini Vented Brake Conversion 7.9"
    As low as £726.61 £605.51
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