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  1. exc Tax: £1.67 inc Tax: £2.00
    Cooper sew-on or iron-on embroidered logo badge
  2. exc Tax: £4.17 inc Tax: £5.00
    The Genuine John Cooper rear window sticker is back! Beautifully reverse printed on white vinyl with both the Cooper Logo and Cooper S logo at each side and completed with the John Cooper name and John Cooper signature.
  3. exc Tax: £11.67 inc Tax: £14.00
    Set of four Cooper logo coasters
  4. exc Tax: £15.83 inc Tax: £19.00
    Engineered from 6082 T6 heat treated aluminium alloy and then anodised black for Original Equipment finish, these brackets are finally finished with the John Cooper signature in silver. Supplied as a pair, with fitting bolts.
  5. exc Tax: £24.17 inc Tax: £29.00
    John Cooper magnolia dials for 2 clock, 90 MPH instrument sets
  6. exc Tax: £24.17 inc Tax: £29.00
    John Cooper magnolia dials for 2 clock, 140 KPH instrument sets
  7. exc Tax: £30.00 inc Tax: £36.00
    Cooper umbrella, large golf style with green and white panels, the perfect accessory for all Minis
  8. exc Tax: £31.67 inc Tax: £38.00
    Detailed and styled with great attention to detail these door lock covers are a classic piece of design. These exclusive John Cooper anodised silver alloy door lock covers have been been faithfully re-engineered to the original 1990's design. Lightweight and anodised silver these are a perfect replacement for original standard plastic covers. Sold as a pair.
  9. exc Tax: £32.50 inc Tax: £39.00
    Cooper luxury Mini mat set in black with black and silver edging and embroidered logo and signature
  10. exc Tax: £32.50 inc Tax: £39.00
    John Cooper magnolia dials for 3 clock, 180 KPH instrument sets

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